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Profile of District Rajouri

Rajouri district of Jammu & Kashmir State is situated between 320 98' and 320 52' North latitude and 740 01' to 740 23' East longitude. The district touches Poonch, Pulwama, POK in the west and Jammu in the south. There are 160 Gram Panchayats, 385 Villages and 04 towns viz Rajouri, Thanamandi, Nowshera and Sunderbani. The district constitutes 8.81 percent of the geographical area of the state. The district with respect to revenue control has been divided into 07 tehsils, viz Rajouri, Thanamandi, Nowshera, Sunderbani, Budhal (Koternanka) and Darhal.


  • Different ago climatic conditions are suitable for different crop productions.
  • Soils are fit for intensive cultivation.
  • Market available for predominant major crops of the district.
  • Receptive farmers willing to adopt improved farm technologies
  • Technical manpower is available in the district.


  • Lack of assured irrigation.
  • Small holding size.
  • Lack of awareness on conservation technologies
  • Undulating topography unsuitable for high farm mechanization.
  • Low availability of FYM and manures.


  • Immense scope for higher crop production in the district
  • Opportunities prevail for profitable diversification of existing cropping pattern within crops and towards non - crop husbandry
  • Use of light weight power tillers in receptive areas of the district.


  • Regular occurrence of natural calamities.
  • High erosions.
  • Increasing farmers inability to invest in agricultural production system
  • Increased incidence of insect - pest and disease complex.
  • Declining inability to invest in agricultural production system.