Salient Features

Perspective in Agriculture Sector

  • Over 65% of the population of more than one crore depend on agriculture and allied sectors.
  • Agriculture and Allied Sectors Contribute 27% of State Income.
  • State faces massive deficit in food (40%), Oilseeds(70%) and vegetables (30%)
  • Net Sown Area (NSA) at 7.52 lac ha (2004-05) is 35% of the reported area as against National Average of 46%.
  • Only 42% area is under irrigation. Around 90% of available ground water is unutilized.
  • Over 70% of NSA is under food crops. A little over 13% is under fruits.
  • Productivity level of all agricultural crops is lower than national averages.
  • The main Kharif crops of the State are rice, maize, pulses, vegetables and fodder covering 78% of the NSA.
  • Over 65% of the population of more than one crore depend on agriculture and allied sectors.

Thrust Area in Agriculture

  • Vegetable Production including protected cultivation through Low Cost Green House Technology and emphasis on off-season vegetable production.
  • Commercial floriculture, aromatic and medicinal plant cultivation.
  • Development of Apiculture and Mushroom.
  • On Farm Irrigation Management.
  • Above all, diversification of agriculture into commercially more remunerative crops.

Advantage J and K

  • Varied Agro-Climatic Zones expressing in a wide variety of agricultural & horticultural produce, some of which area unique to the State
  • Jammu home to high quality Basmati, Rajmash
  • Kashmir home to high quality Saffron, Zeera, fresh and dry temperate fruits and commercial floriculture
  • Ladakh home to high quality apricots and sea-buck thorn berry
  • Potential for Bio-Diversification due to agro-climatic and soil conditions


  • Hilly terrain, limiting mechanical farming and transportation of products especially horticulture produce.
  • Hilly terrain also limits irrigability of cultivated land
  • Fragile soil in hilly areas susceptible to soil erosion
  • Single Cropping season in temperate / high altitude areas
  • Distant markets for export outside the State

Opportunities and Potential

  • Off-season vegetable development
  • Conducive agro-climatic conditions for development of commercial floriculture, aromatic & medicinal plants, olive, kiwi fruit and pecan-nuts
  • Vast scope for Jetropha cultivation on waste land and rainfed areas of jammu region
  • Conducive flora and environment for sericulture and taser culture
  • Conducive soil & environmental conditions for the production of virus free quality seeds for flowers and vegetables