Functions and Duties

Seed Seed Production at Farms/ Seed Villages, Augmentation & Distribution, Promoting Vegetable farming, Potato Farming, Apiculture, Mushroom Cultivation, etc.
Integrated Nutrient Management (INM): Promoting need based Application of Chemical Fertilizers, Organic Manures and Bio-fertilizers.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Promoting need based application of Chemical Pesticides, Organic measures, Bio-pesticides, Providing plant health care services through Plant Health Clinics, etc.
Agriculture Engineering: Promoting Machinery, Equipments & Tools, Micro-irrigation, Fabricating Protected cvn. structures, etc.
Extension: Training and Education: Information, Publicity and e-governance, Facilitating Agri-Credit, Insurance, Market Intervention
Quality Control Providing analytic services in Seed Labs, Fertilizer Quality Control Lab., Pesticide Quality Control Lab.,
Law Enforcement Providing Seed Certification services & Enforcement of FCO, Seed Act, Insecticides Act, Dangerous Machine Regulation Act, etc.
HRD, Establishment, Planning & Budget